Psychometric Assessments

The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre offers a variety of psychometric assessments that are easy to implement and cost effective. Psychometric assessments are designed to measure an applicant's suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics, aptitude or cognitive abilities and integrity profile. They identify the extent to which an applicants personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role. Employers use the information collected from the psychometric assessments to identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interview.

All the psychometric assessments offered by the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre and the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre have been classified and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, which is a legal requirement for their use in South Africa. Some of these examinations can be conducted online which means that they are available for use wherever there is a computer and internet connection available. Psychometric assessments remain one of the simplest, most effective and reliable means of determining a persons future performance in a company.

Easy to implement psychometric assessments offered by the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre.

Available Psychometric Assessments Offered By The PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre

The PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre offers a variety of psychometric assessments can measure specific traits of an applicant to assist in better understanding certain facets of that individual that pertain to the position that they are applying for. We offer psychometric assessments that specifically monitors the individuals integrity profile to determine whether they pose a risk to your company, as well as various personality and cognitive assessments to help you in understanding where they can fit into your company, and how well they will perform. The following assessments are available:

Integrity Based Psychometric Assessments

Integrity Psychometric Tests are assessments designed to focus specifically on the factors of the applicant that measures a person's integrity. These examinations can thus be a great indicator of how the person will act as an employee of the company when faced with issues of ethical behaviour.

  • IP200 (Integrity Profile)
  • IMI (Integrity Measuring Instrument)
  • BIP (Basic Integrity Profile)
  • GIP (General Integrity Profile)
  • OCW (Organizational Citizenship Behaviour)
  • CWB (Counterproductive Work Behaviour)

Other Psychometric Assessments

The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre offers a variety of other psychometric assessments that focus on a variety of different factors that can assist the employer in gaining a better insight into the dynamics of the individual. These examinations focus on areas such as aptitude, language proficiency, cognitive abilities and personality.

  • COPAS (Cognitive and Potential Assessment)
  • BOP (Brain Orientation Profile)
  • SAP (Security Assessment Profile)
  • DAP (Drivers Assessment Profile)
  • PAW (Personality at Work)
  • CAP (Comprehensive Aptitude Profile)
  • BAP (Basic Aptitude Profile)
  • PEP (Practical English Proficiency)

As background vetting and polygraph examinations can tell you more about a person’s past, psychometric assessments can show you the potential of an employee; positive or negative, and how you can implement their unique traits to maximize their effectiveness in your business. It is the most effective tool to glimpse into their future. These examinations can be ordered and implemented on an individual basis or as part of a customized package tailored to suit the needs of your business in either a pre-employment capacity, as part of employee advancement or an integrity management program. As the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre is part of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre, it means that these powerful psychometric tools can be combined with various other state of the art products, including background vetting, polygraph examinations, Converus EyeDetect screenings and much more. This allows for the most comprehensive screening program known to be available at your fingertips.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments provide an objective and standardized view of a range of candidate competencies, such as knowledge, abilities and personality. This provides a range of advantages for potential employees when they are looking for the perfect applicant to fill a position:

  • Attain knowledge and insight into an applicant that is not available through any other means.
  • Designed for the South African context, these assessments have very little to none cultural loading.
  • Standardized assessments allow for comparative data when assessing the results.
  • The assessments can make predictions regarding risks that potential employees can pose to a company.
  • Gain the insight to know for which position the applicant is best suited to ensure they prosper in your company.
  • Select the right staff to promote growth and prosperity.

Knowledge is power and psychometric assessments provide you with the right knowledge to make the best decisions for you, your company and the future of your employees. Research confirms that the most accurate, holistic view of a candidate is achieved when psychometric assessments are used together with other methods, such as background vetting, polygraph examinations and interviews.

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