Products and Services of the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre

By combining the skills and expertise from various professional fields, the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre can offer a multitude of powerful tools and services to create pre-employment screening programs tailored to the needs and budget of your company. The products and services as listed on this page can be ordered on an individual basis, or can be used in a comprehensive, yet cost-effective, screening solutions. Creating a culture of honesty and integrity starts by selecting the right team. From basic background vetting systems to comprehensive polygraph examination screenings and psychometric testing, the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre can is your one-stop pre-employment screening hub. Finding peace of mind has never been so simple.

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Background Checks

Background checks are the easiest and most cost effective means of verifying the information given by job applicants. From criminal record checks to qualification verification and much more, the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre offers a variety of checks that can be conducted to ensure that you hire the right people for your company. Protect yourself, your employees, your company and your clients by taking the simplest first step in due diligence. Your applicants' history will go a long way in predicting their future behavior and a thorough employee background check helps you make an informed choice. Having a background screening program in place will encourage applicants to be more forthcoming about their behavior history. This can also play an important role in creating a culture of integrity in your place of work.

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Easy to implement background verification checks.

Polygraph Examinations

Professional polygraph examinations conducted by qualified and accredited experts is one of the most comprehensive and informative pre-employment screening tools available to date. Polygraph examinations, often referred to as lie detector tests, have been effectively implemented by various companies in the financial, security, pharmaceutical, mining and retail industry to safeguard against criminal activities and syndicate groups. No other pre-employment screening tool is as comprehensive and in-depth as a properly conducted pre-employment polygraph examination. Prevention is better than cure, and using the right tools to select the right staff members can help you and your company to avoid massive future losses and instead experience growth and prosperity.

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Psychometric Assessments

The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre offers a variety of psychometric assessments that are easy to implement and cost effective. Psychometric assessments are designed to measure an applicant's suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics, aptitude or cognitive abilities and integrity profile. All the psychometric assessments offered by the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre and the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre have been classified and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

As background vetting and polygraph examinations can tell you more about a person’s past, psychometric assessments can show you the potential of an employee; positive or negative, and how you can implement their unique traits to maximize their effectiveness in your business. It is the most effective tool to glimpse into their future.

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Professional psychometric assessments registered and classified with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.
Lie Detector Technology

Converus EyeDetect

The future of lie detection technology has arrived in South Africa. The Converus EyeDetect is an incredible detection of deception instrument that is easy to implement, more cost effective than traditional polygraph examinations and less invasive. Despite all of this, it still boasts an incredible accuracy rating of 86%. Never before has it been so easy to conduct large scale applicant screenings using state of the art technology.

Due to the process being mostly automated, a staff member can be trained to implement the Converus EyeDetect test by themselves while enjoying continuous training and support from the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre team.

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Pre-Made And Custom Job Seeker Screening Packages

We understand that each business is unique when it comes to their needs and their budget. Each product and service offered by the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre can be ordered on an individual basis, or we can develop a structured pre-employment applicant screening process uniquely designed for your business. We also provide convenient pre-made packages from which you can select to best fit your business.

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Pre-made and custom pre-employment screening packages.

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