Polygraph Screening Examinations

Polygraph examinations, often referred to as lie detector tests, have been effectively implemented by various companies in the financial, security, pharmaceutical, mining and retail industry to safeguard against criminal activities and syndicate groups. Our professional and comprehensive pre-employment polygraph tests are now available for you, empowering you with the knowledge that you need to make the best decisions when selecting job applicants.

All polygraph examiners affiliated with the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre are qualified and accredited and only use polygraph techniques that have been internationally accepted as valid and reliable. Our examiners are members of the Southern African Polygraph Federation.

Do you know who you are really inviting into your business? The pre-employment polygraph screening examination can provide valuable information to be used by human resources practitioners, managers and business owners to make the best decisions when selecting applicants for their company.

Who Should Use Polygraph Pre-Employment Examinations?

Historically the use of polygraph examinations as part of a pre-employment process was limited to law enforcement officials as well as government and military operations. Today however most companies have come to benefit from the comprehensive information that can be gathered from a properly implemented pre-employment polygraph examination.

Retailers, logistic operators, security companies, mining operations, pharmaceutical companies, staff outsourcing companies, cleaning companies and many more have successfully used polygraph examinations to avoid criminal and unethical activities in their company. When implemented properly a pre-employment polygraph examination can assist your company to bring down stock losses, criminal activities, unethical behaviour and syndicate operations, all the while assisting you to create a culture of honesty and integrity, saving time and money in the long run.

How Does A Pre-Employment Polygraph Examination Work?

Before the examination process is started, the applicant is informed that they will be going for a polygraph examination and that the information they submit will be verified through the use of a polygraph test. Applicants are also informed that their honesty during this process will count in their favour, even if they had made mistakes before in their life, as long as they are open and honest about it from the beginning. This helps to foster a relationship of trust with the company from the very start of the relationship.

The process starts with the selected applicant filling out a comprehensive questionnaire regarding various aspects of their history and their application. This includes questions regarding their qualifications, previous work experience, language proficiency, financial status (where applicable) and involvement with criminal and unethical activities.

Once the questionnaire is completed the polygraph process can begin. The applicant meets with the examiner who explains the entire procedure, instrumentation and applicable law to the applicant before attaining informed consent to continue with the process. Once the applicant has given their informed consent the examiner and applicant discuss the questionnaire in detail as part of a structured interview process. This allows the applicant the opportunity to give any additional information relevant to their application at the company, and allows the examiner to give a detailed report to the client to assist them in making informed decisions.

After the interview the examiner and applicant will discuss the questions to be asked during the polygraph examination. These questions are formulated with the client to ensure that they are relevant to the position of the applicant and encompasses the identified risk areas to the company. Once the questions have been discussed and the applicant confirms that they understand the questions, and can answer them truthfully, the polygraph examination itself starts.

At the completion of the polygraph examination the data recorded during the examination is analyzed by the polygraph examiner, who can use the information to determine whether the applicant was telling the truth when answering the questions put to them during the examination. The examiner will proceed to write a detailed report regarding the results of the examination and information submitted by the applicant for the client. The client can use the report to gain more information regarding the applicant and can use it to make an informed decision on whether or not to hire the candidate.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations?

There are numerous active and passive advantages to implementing a pre-employment polygraph program. Just to mention a few:

  • Lie Detector TestProtect your company by screening for historical criminal and unethical behaviour that could pose a risk to your company.
  • Save time and money by collecting detailed information from applicants in one comprehensive interview.
  • Verify information submitted by applicants effectively.
  • Collect information from an applicant that cannot be verified through any other means.
  • Start on a basis of trust by allowing the applicant to be forthcoming about past indiscretions.
  • Deter the criminal element from applying to your company.
  • Get the information you need to make the best decisions when selecting which applicants to hire.
  • A powerful tool in creating a culture of integrity in the workplace.
  • Select employees with the peace of mind that comes with being empowered with knowledge.

No other pre-employment screening tool is as comprehensive and in-depth as a properly conducted pre-employment polygraph examination. Prevention is better than cure, and using the right tools to select the right staff members can help you and your company to avoid massive future losses and instead experience growth and prosperity.

Why Choose The PISA Pre-Employment Assessment Centre?

With over 30 years in the business the PISA name has been synonymous with excellence and reliability. All polygraph examiners affiliated with the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre are qualified, accredited and experienced. All examiners are bound by a strict code of ethics and as members of the Southern African Polygraph Federation conducts their examination in accordance to the internationally accepted standards of practice. The examiners are also required to go for continuous advanced training and development seminars in order to ensure that they stay up to date with the latest techniques and research in the profession. We understand the importance of these examination and as such hold the responsibility in high regard.

Having a fixed structure nationwide allows the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre to provide services quickly and effectively. This enables us to provide swift turnaround times and to address any challenges quickly and effectively. Having multiple skilled examiners on staff allows us to conduct second opinion and quality control procedures quickly and effectively. Trust the name that has been trusted by all the leading brands.

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