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In the current climate in South Africa it can be daunting to find the right people for your company to ensure prosperity and growth. We at the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre can help you to verify the information submitted by job seekers and applicants to empower you with the knowledge you need to make the best choices.

From qualification and criminal record vetting to professional polygraph examinations, we have the right tools for any company, big or small. We can also assist you to create a pre-employment screening program specifically suited for your company needs and budget. Here we answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding pre-employment screenings.

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Frequently asked questions regarding job seeker screenings and vetting.

What is pre-employment screening?

A pre-employment screening is a structured program designed to verify information submitted by a job seeker or applicant when they apply for a position at your company. Do you know who you are really inviting into your place of work? These programs can range from simple background checks such as qualification vetting and criminal record checks, to comprehensive assessments regarding their past or future behaviour to monitor potential threats posed by potential employees. Psychometric assessments can be used to learn more about an applicants personality, potential, aptitude and profile so that the company can understand where the applicant will be best suited to thrive in your work environment. Knowledge is power, and the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre offers you the gift of knowledge.

How does a pre-employment program work?

This answer varies depending on the needs of the company and the structure of the program. In essence however, a pre-employment screening program is a simple step added to the hiring process when companies are searching for new employees. Once the company has identified potential new employees from their applicants, these applicants are vetted according to the position for which they are applying. This can be done through a bundles process or utilizing a successive hurdles approach during which specific screening tools are used in succession as applicants pass each hurdle. How comprehensive the vetting is depends on the needs and budget of the company.

As an example, let's say Mr Smith is applying for a position at your company. During the application Mr Smith is requested to allow your company to conduct background vetting. The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre can use the information provided by Mr Smith to do a background check such as criminal record vetting to determine whether Mr Smith has a criminal record that he failed to inform the company of, or a qualifications check to determine whether Mr Smith really has the qualifications which he claims on his application form. There are a variety of simple record checks that can be conducted. Mr Smith can also be invited to undergo a polygraph screening examination, which consists of a comprehensive interview regarding Mr Smith's past, career history and historical involvement in criminal or unethical activities. Psychometric assessments can be used to attain a psychological profile of Mr Smith regarding his integrity, his aptitude and personality in the work environment. All of this information is handed to the company which they can use to determine whether employing Mr Smith would pose any risk to the company, and where he can be implemented most effectively in the company.

So in short, a pre-employment screening program is an easy to implement addition into the application process that can save your company time and money while empowering you with the right knowledge to make the best decisions. Peace of mind has never been so simple.

Who should use pre-employment screenings?

Every single company can benefit from a well designed pre-employment screening program. The real question is: what pre-employment program is best suited for your company? No company is safe from criminal elements, fraudulent activities, stock theft and other criminal or unethical activities. Implementing a proper pre-employment screening program companies can mitigate the effects of such activities by reducing stock theft, criminal activities and unethical behaviour. Pre-employment applicant screenings is an essential tool to provides protection to your company, your staff and your clients. It is also the first step to creating a culture of integrity and honesty at your company. Also consider, failing to conduct proper vetting when deploying staff to client sites and premises can leave your company liable for criminal or unethical activities that occur as a result. By using simple and effective screening tools the company can save time, money and your company reputation. Make sure that your staff members carry the PISA mark of quality.

What pre-employment screening tools are right for me?

There are so many pre-employment screening tools available that choosing the right ones can seem like a daunting task. Don't worry, we have created some simple pre-made packages from which you can choose to ease the process: Pre-Made & Custom Packages.

We do understand that each company is unique in the challenges they face and their needs. This is why we offer custom packages designed in consultation with a representative of your company. By establishing your goals and the information you need to make the right decisions for your company we can assist in selecting the right tools and instruments just for you. If you would like to book a free, no obligations consultation, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to send a representative to give a presentation regarding the various services that we offer and to assist you in understanding all the instruments available and in creating the ultimate pre-employment screening program for your company, or for individual positions in your company.

What are the benefits for using a pre-employment screening program?

Security companies, financial institutions, mining operations, logistical operators and retailers have experienced the incredible benefits of having a proper pre-employment screening program for their applicants, and so can you:

Save Time

Why go through the hassle of trying to verify the information of hundreds of applicants when there is a professional company who can swiftly verify all that information for you. Our professional staff can vet all the information submitted by applicants and send them through to you so you can make the best choices without the headaches. This leaves you with more time to spend on your company, or yourself.

Are you wasting time dealing with high staff turnaround and legal processes? By implementing a proper pre-employment screening program you can make the right choices when selecting staff which could decrease the staff losses due to criminal or unethical behaviour and time spent with legal proceedings.

Save Money

The financial and moral losses that a company can sustain through criminal and unethical activities are enormous, not to mention the legal costs of proceedings when having to deal with the after math as well as being held liable for losses in which company employees have been implicated. The potential savings from such activities alone justify the use of pre-employment applicant screening.

Since the company can select to implement screening tools based on the budget of the company and the position of each person, the total costs for selecting the right people for the right position can be reduced through some prudent planning.

Select Qualified and Competent Staff - Increase Performance

You can ensure that applicants have the qualifications and experience that they claim on their application forms or CVs to ensure that you have competent and qualified staff as needed in their respective positions. Staff performance directly translates into company performance, which is why it essential to select the best team. In today's competitive job market it is a reality that people can lie about their skills, aptitude, qualifications and experience, and this can lead to reduced performance or mismanagement. Take the guess work out of reviewing CVs with easy to implement verification systems.

Reduce Stock Theft and Criminal Activities

Utilizing a proper pre-employment screening system employers can detect if an applicant was historically involved with criminal groups or syndicates, or was removed from a previous job due to such activities. It is also an effective tool to monitor for possible syndicate activities and can act as a deterrent for criminal groups and syndicates if it is made clear that applicants will be required to go through a background vetting process. Employing staff members with no criminal histories and continuously monitoring for such activities using screening examinations can significantly reduce stock losses and criminal activities at the workplace. This is an essential step in creating a culture of integrity and honesty at the workplace.

Help Your Employees and Your Company Grow Together

Psychometric assessments can assist management and human resources professionals to learn more about the profile, aptitude, personality and strengths of applicants, allowing them to deploy staff members to positions in which they are best suited. This can greatly improve productivity, assist the company in operating more efficiently, and help you staff members to grow in an environment to which they are best suited.

Create a Culture of Integrity

Show your clients and your staff that you are serious about honest and ethical behaviour from the very first meeting. Selecting the right staff and is the first step in instilling a culture of honesty and integrity in the workplace. This can be further nurtured by implementing continuous integrity management programs. We tend to spend fortunes on implementing the latest and greatest technological security advancements such as CCTV camera systems and access control, and not enough attention on who we are entrusting to effectively implement and use these systems.

The PISA Mark of Quality

By implementing an applicant screening program, you can let your clients know that your staff carry the PISA mark of quality, and that they have been carefully selected using state of the art technologies.

Why use the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre?

The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre is a proud subdivision of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre. With over 30 years in the business, our wisdom has been crafted through years of experience and dedication to the field. All staff members affiliated with the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre are required to operate under a strict code of ethics and in accordance to the best practice regulations as stipulated by the respective professional organizations. With nationwide support and infrastructure and multiple professionals working together under one flag, we can provide the ultimate tailor made solutions. We understand that word-of-mouth is still the best means of building a reputation, and that is why we strive to deliver the best service to our ability.

Are there legal considerations during pre-employment applicant screenings?

“It is generally accepted that the employer has a right to full and accurate information that is genuinely pertinent to the decision to employ a job applicant.” – Nicolene Erasmus and André Claassen.

There are legal considerations when it comes to applying pre-employment screenings to the company and it is important that the proper procedures, protocols and ethical considerations are followed. Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration is to ensure that the screenings are conducted ethically and fairly, that they do not discriminate against any person unless there is legal exemption for the discrimination as designated in South African Labour Law, and that the information used during the decision making process is relevant to the specific position that the person is applying for. All reference checks and pre-employment screenings should be done with the informed consent from the applicant. We conduct our examinations strictly according to laws and regulations set forth in the South African Constitution, the criminal procedures act and labour law.

How can we help you?

Our staff members are ready, willing and eager to assist you in any way we can, so please do not hesitate to contact with an email or a phone call. We have a pre-employment screening solution just for you and have the experience and dedication to ensure that it is implemented effectively and without breaking the budget.

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