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The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre is a proud member of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre. With over 30 years in the business, the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre has crafted its wisdom through years of passion and dedication to the field. The name of PISA is synonymous with excellence and is a promise of professional and expert service delivery.

The company was founded in 1986 as the Polygraph Institute of South Africa. The goal of the company was to make polygraph examinations and lie detector tests available to the general public for use in their businesses.

Realizing the importance of offering comprehensive and customized solutions to a complex and dynamic market, the Polygraph Institute of South Africa started to expand its services by affiliating with highly qualified and experienced psychometric test specialists. This allowed the company to implement specialized integrity assessment tests designed to predict the work ethic and cognitive potential of employees, as well as identify potential risk factors of potential employees. The expansion into psychometric testing had greatly increased the ability of the company to combine different professional services to provide a superior and multi-faceted testing approach.

In 2016 the company found its new home at Unit 8, Manhattan Office Park, 16 Pieter Street, Highveld Techno Park, Centurion from which it can provide professional polygraph testing, psychometric assessments and background vetting services to its clients across the entire Gauteng region, including Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Randburg, Sasolburg, Vereeniging, Secunda, Roodepoort, Brits and many more. The company also has affiliate service providers in Cape Town and Durban, allowing for cross-country service delivery par excellence.

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre

Having combined the services of various professionals, the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre serves as the hub for all your pre-employment, continuous screening and specific investigation needs. The PISA Integrity Assessments Centre is composed of the Polygraph Institute of South Africa, The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre and the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre. The company is also the South African service provider for the Converus EyeDetect system.

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The PISA Mark Of Quality

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre prides itself in providing professional service conducted by qualified and experienced experts specializing in their specific fields. All polygraph examiners affiliated with the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre qualified from accredited institutions and attend continuation education and development seminars. The examiners are all members of the Southern African Polygraph Federation; home to professional polygraph examiners in Southern Africa and divisional member of the American Polygraph Association. All the psychometric assessment experts are qualified and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. All the psychometric tests used by the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre, PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre and PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre are registered and classified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa, which is a legal requirement for the use of psychometric assessments in South Africa.

American Polygraph Association Southern Africa Polygraph Federation Health Professions Council of South Africa

The PISA name is a mark of quality that ensures our clients, and yours, that all of the examinations conducted are done in accordance internationally accepted rules, regulations and requirements. All the techniques used have been proven to be valid and reliable through scientific scrutiny. We understand the importance of our work and the impact that it has on the lives of everyone involved, which is why we believe in being uncompromising in our efforts to remain ethical, honest and professional.

No legacy is so rich as honesty. - William Shakespeare

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